Fail vs. Leadership Coaching

I like to redefine Leadership Coaching as Fail Coaching. As an inclusive leadership coach, I am the person who affirms that you will fail, many times if you’re lucky, with the goal that each time you will have built up a new leadership muscle.

We have been led to believe that a Leadership Coach will coach you for success through linear successful exercises. We have been trained to subscribe to this fixed notion of leadership in the air and culture we breathe. I consider this definition to be similar to the way some ancient astronomers decided that the Earth was flat, or that the Earth revolved around the Sun. It seemed to make sense at the time, but there was an element missing. Motion.


Leadership in motion

Inclusive leadership is leadership in motion. It’s not a static process, nor an immediately successful process. There will be missteps, mixed signals, and if I have coached you and your team well, you will be prepared to adjust your course and recommit to your goals. You will be able to share common language around the lessons of failure and the aspiration of success.

At the core, developing a framework for equity and inclusive leadership means that you are willing to fail at upholding the dominant narrative of what it means to lead, and you will succeed at creating a culture where everyone will see themselves reflected.


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