Our Story 

We believe equity and inclusion are at the heart of effective and meaningful leadership. Equity and inclusion requires that we ask ourselves,

Who does this system benefit and am I okay with that?
How do I use my own power and privilege?
What does it mean to do things differently?

We at the Institute of Inclusive Leadership will be your coach through your own process of building equity and inclusion in your organization or business. We believe Equity and Inclusive Leadership is a mindset and a skill, and like any skill, needs daily practice to develop strength and sustainability. Let’s work together!



Our work together is guided by three principles.

Living by the following principles helps us to take a look at our own behaviors and then shift how we relate to each other, the power within us, and the power of our organizations.


1 – Accountability

I hold myself accountable.

2 – Relationships

I am in a relationship with you.



3 – Sustainability

We can create meaningful and lasting change by nurturing our core beliefs.


Check out our strategies to see how we can apply these principles to your organization, business or school.